Saturday, September 06, 2014


She's working at a different pasta joint now  — harder work but the shift goes faster.

She has a lip balm Instagram.

She likes her lip balm flat, or maybe angled. Not rounded: "that feels all weird." She doesn't have them alphabetized, but sometimes she sorts them by flavor.

She prefers the stick to the jar and when she uses a jar she likes to keep the surface smooth. No indents.

"Like if you really wanted to try one of my lip balms I might let you try it, if you really wanted to," she said, hoping I'll never ask.

We were talking of boring people before the lip balm tangent. She thinks most people aren't boring; they're just trapped behind a dullard's mask hammered on in childhood. "Conformity," she says.

She can't imagine what the people she knows might be like if they were ever freed from their masks.

"I was in Walmart the other day and you know who I thought of?"


"Michael. You remember."

She is not one of the boring ones.

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