Thursday, October 10, 2013


The new day will dawn and I will not need to get up to greet it. The curious adult version of vacation is here and for the next 20 days I will be off the clock and largely off the grid.

Watching the sun rise and fall today made me think about illusions; the idea that the sun does any such gymnastics in the sky is ridiculously arrogant. But it's what we say because there is something romantic about saying you watched the sun rise, and nothing even vaguely poetic about saying you watched the sun appear to rise as the earth rotated on its axis and spun counterclockwise.

The charm is in the illusion. Think too much and pretty soon the hard facts become hard to bear. No one wants to see how magic is made. We just want to live it. Removing the filter and letting facts get in the way is just a downer.

As I prepare to get gone I'm going to unplug my head so I can feel again. Instead of thinking, maybe I can recapture the sensation of believing the illusion. Of sweetness and affection, unsullied by upset. Maybe I can say goodnight and go, and stay gone.

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