Sunday, June 02, 2013


Emotions are not attached to light switches. There: my bit o' wisdom on this Sunday night, as I try to disconnect my mind. The upstairs engine revs past the red line; if I'm not careful I might throw a rod, and given my careless ways, that seems a distinct possibility.

Too much thinking — I have done a lot of it this weekend, some of it for good. Fellow traveler and Paragraph Factory colleague Harv offered some wise words (and the title for this post, so blame him). We were discussing Life As Men and the unexpected joys that have been given to us. I mentioned my recent incarnation as a gay dad, and what it's like being surrounded by beautiful women who see me as just one of the girls — which segued into another brief and recent era that was not so placid or platonic. Or wise. Harv took note of those romps and blurted out the post title.

And the tachometer revved even higher.

Perhaps sleep is the answer — sleep, and with it more dreams. Good ones this time, not the kind that end with me biting my tongue and spitting up blood.

I am tired. God, I am tired — tired of the silence and the bullshit. Please, nice dreams tonight.

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