Thursday, June 27, 2013


Springfield police knew as early as September 2012 that there were suspicions about the death of Shaun Staudte — but they apparently did nothing to investigate those suspicions.

Documents released Thursday showed that police were tipped about Staudte's sudden death:

"On 09/02/12, Police Services Representative Ashley Rose received a call about this case from a subject that wanted to remain anonymous. They subject stated he was a close friend of the Staudte's (sic). He said he was concerned that Diane may have had something to do with the deaths of Mark and Shawn (sic). He said Diane had Mark's body cremated immediately after he passed away. The subject said Shawn (sic) was only 25 and did not have any illnesses that he was aware of."

Police did not reveal this startling admission when they first released documents about the case last week. It raises questions about how seriously police took this case until a second tip came in June, when Sarah Staudte was seriously ill in the hospital.

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