Thursday, April 04, 2013


I believe we live on a rock, just one of many.

I believe in all things visible — in science, and Occam's Razor, and the Oxford comma.

I believe in things that defy science, and the reality of vivid dreams, and kismet.

I believe in the father, and fate, and the bell that can sound in a man's heart. And I believe fate is not always kind, and can often be cruel, as foretold by the Prophet Nick Lowe.

I believe intelligence is the most sensual thing a human can possess.

I believe people who believe they're hot are in need of a brutal ego check, often provided by karma in the form of cellulite and splotchy skin.

I believe in the curve where a woman's waist becomes her hip. I believe in frolicking for the sake of the frolic, and the delicious chill a well-placed whisper can bring on the hottest summer day.

I believe in sex and drugs and rock and roll, not necessarily in that order.

I believe in easy friends with ears to lend, and I believe that with the lights out, it is less dangerous, as foretold by the Prophet Cobain.

I believe in a woman with planets in her hair, the gravity of perfection in her features in the lengthening shadow of the galaxy's sweep, as foretold by the Prophet McClatchy.

I believe I am no better than anyone else, and the best I can do is to be better than I ever believed I could be. I believe no one is better than me, and that anyone laboring under that illusion will suffer and be buried, and not rise again.

I believe in the better angels of humanity, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Most of all, I believe Yeats was right, that everything that's lovely is but a brief, dreamy, kind delight, and that we should use that fact to hold fast to the delights in life, because life can end in the blink of an eye and the people sitting next to you can vanish with the morning light.

I believe these things because I believe we live on a rock, just one of many, and all any of us can hope to do is find a few kindred souls who will make the time we get to live on this sweet sphere remotely tolerable.


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