Friday, February 01, 2013


"Such a narrow definition," my friend D said of an earlier post about badassery, and I concur. Being a badass isn't all about debauchery; if that was true, any libertine could claim membership in the cult, and while certain people fit that description, others do not.

There's more to it than behavior. Being a badass is a state of mind. It requires the ability to question authority. Too many people — most people — are sheeple. They believe the conventional wisdom. They accept what the loudest voice is saying, even if the babble is utter bullshit.

It's not a matter of intelligence. Plenty of smart people fall for the safe and comfortable. They find comfort in the bubble, where reality consists of whatever the mainstream finds acceptable. It's where Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. It's where the War on Drugs gets its cheerleaders. It's where people believe they should never allow the unusual to enter their world.

It's the Bubble. It's the Land of Boring.

A true badass not only steers clear of the bubble — she (or he) likes to take a pin and poke the bubble, deflate it, make the people understand the folly of pretending that all will be fine once you conform, once you turn your back on wonderful weirdness and believe everything is alright.

It's not. It's anything but alright.

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