Friday, January 25, 2013


The odd year is well underway now. Last October I looked ahead to 2013 and figured it would be a good year, if history repeated itself. Now I'm certain of only one thing: yup, it's odd.

(OK, make it two things. I am also quite sure that re-reading this blog to prompt my faltering memory made me remember the reason why it exists. It is a long and often rambling letter. No matter that its intended recipient isn't laying eyeballs on these words. If anything, that makes it easier to write. No pressure.)

Prompting a forgetful brain: with time, some memories are coming back — a few more each day, many of them pleasant. I'm happy for that. I remember Memphis now. That's OK. It's actually better than OK, nicer than alright.

It's what I have to hang onto from now on. The trials I wrote about a couple weeks ago have come to pass. That is where I live now. So whatever I remember is sweet, and for as long as I can hold onto it, I will. I'll keep it under my hat.

Once upon a long time ago I used to like the Word of the Day. It was a little ritual between friends. Now I use the dictionary app on my phone to make sure I'm spelling things correctly. And to marvel at the beauty of such words as odd:

being without a corresponding mate
left over after others are paired or grouped
not regular, expected, or planned
differing markedly from the usual or ordinary or accepted

That's the year. That's the life. That's me.

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