Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Last night's dream: The people in my life were robots. They all looked and acted normal, but I knew they were machines, stripped of emotion.

I accidentally discovered their true identities when I spilled water on one of them and his arm began melting away, revealing the metal where bone was supposed to be. Soon I was drenching my loved ones and watching them dissolve, their screams a relief to my ears.

Only when I splashed water on my face did I realize what I had become, too.

All day today the dream lingered, making me think of sand on the beach, and the way the best-made creations dissolve under the cleansing power of water. Building castles at shore's edge is folly, but perhaps that's where the most beautiful things should be located. Only there can you appreciate the temporary nature of life, and the importance of enjoying beauty while it lasts. Take a picture. Savor. Cherish. Once the waves crash there is nothing left but what was. People go away. Memories fade. Even the things you were sure would endure get washed away, in time.

Soon I will turn 52, an impossible age for someone who never wanted to be this old. I embrace it now because I know I have lessons yet to learn, more karma to reap for the unfortunate things I have sown. More castles to build as I wait for high tide.

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