Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Thanksgiving 2012.

I give thanks for being alive, for still being here after a pesky stroke. Almost seven months now, and I almost have days where I forget it happened. Perhaps Amazon Addie is right; the best day will be May 5, 2013, when I can celebrate an anniversary.

Speaking of Amazons: I give thanks for them and their continued friendship and occasional insistence at figuratively kicking me square in the balls. Leigh did it this week. It was deserved.

I give thanks for still being able to cook. Until recently the last meal I cooked was the day before Thanksgiving 2011. It's still a tender spot in my soul. But at least I'm trying.

I give thanks for the ability to adjust and grow, and for those in my life who've adjusted as well to this weird last year of life.

I give thanks for pretty colleagues who challenge and intrigue.

I give thanks for happy memories.

I give thanks for vivid dreams, even the ones that scare the shit out of me.

I give thanks for Natalie Nunn. We don't work together anymore but I think of her every day and hear her strong voice of faith in my head.

I give thanks for the writer and educator JC Wilson, who introduced me to the monomyth and showed me there was a reason and a purpose behind the madness.

I give thanks for my semi-charmed life, and for the opportunity I've been given to appreciate the quiet.

I give thanks for being able to walk. I can walk. I used to take it for granted. I won't ever do that again.

I give thanks for being a fool, for being a stupid boy, for a summer of strange experiences and emotional tumult.

I give thanks for the people who read this blog, even if it's just for the train wreck.

I give thanks for the chance to move forward.

I give thanks for hope. For movies. For revelations. For the things I miss and the things I love (and hate) about myself.

I give thanks for seeing the light and not being willing to languish and grow old.

I give thanks for peace.

It is easy to see the immediate agonies and forget the many blessings. On this day, I will focus on what I've been given, on the beauty of brief, dreamy, kind delights. I will. I do. And I am grateful.

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