Monday, September 17, 2012


Calloused hands are owned by people who work hard for their money, people who know that life can be hard, and not only mentally.

Calloused hearts are owned by people who think cynicism is a virtue, not a vice. They're the people who think cracking a smart-ass comment over someone's head is hilarious, a laff riot, and what do you mean it's not funny, of course it's funny, what the hell is wrong with you?

They see nothing wrong with sentiments like the one pictured above, because to them the only feelings that count are their own. Everyone can be replaced. No big.

I once had a boss who accepted the resignation of a copy editor and said, "Don't worry, Ron. We'll hire someone even better." I looked at him and replied: "How the hell can you say that?"

(As it turned out, we hired someone who really sucked, but she was cheaper, so that sumbitch of a boss probably thought he was right after all.)

Yeah, you are unique, just like everyone else. No one is indispensable. Everyone can be replaced.

They're just fucking fish in an ocean full of swimmers, right?

Owners of calloused hearts say shit like that. Even worse, they feel shit like that, and they believe it, and they can get mightily offended when you call them on being so self-centered and selfish. They care only about themselves, their feelings, what's good for them. They're too busy being inconsiderate to consider how their actions can hurt other people.

It never occurs to them that there is virtue in compromise, that there is honor in sometimes allowing someone else's feelings and desires to be equally as important as their own.

Nah. Never enters their mind. They're too busy being self-absorbed. What? You actually want them to be selfless? I shall no longer follow you on Twitter! I shall unfriend you posthaste, you fiend!

Their words make me cringe. Their contempt for the hearts of others makes me mad. Their complete cluelessness makes me sad.

For some there is no hope.

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