Thursday, September 20, 2012


All this spinning, all this turning, all this ... bullshit.

There's an old saying about the poles of the world — either nothing happening, or everything happening all at once. Right now it feels like a third pole: a lot of nothing happening, but all at once. It's goddamned frustrating.

Friday beckons. I hope for movies and the chance to frolic and unwind and escape the stress and realities of this brutal, bullshit week. Walmart had Sin City in the discount bin for five bucks. And I still have engineer John's virgin copy of Love Story. That sounds like a hoot of a double-feature. Or maybe, just maybe, Rocky Horror Picture Show. I saw it around this time last year, for the first time in years, and that was a fun experience.

God. GAWD. I'm just ready to blow off some steam and call it a week. And there's still another day of work to go.

Who knows what this Friday will bring? My prayer to the gods or whatever: let it be fun.


Anonymous said...

Biggest recent surprise: "Thor." Thought I'd hate it, but it was great fun.

RON DAVIS said...

Indeed, anon.