Sunday, September 16, 2012


I am sitting in an office in a tall building — maybe the Hammons Tower. A doctor is telling me he put me in a coma in Summer 2010, and has just lifted me out of the forced sleep.

"Everything that you think has happened over the past two years was only a dream," he said. I don't ask him why he put me in a coma, or why I'm wearing street clothes. I don't ask him how I got from 2010 to now.

I get up from our meeting and walk down the hall to the elevator. There is no one else in the building. I take the elevator to the roof and step into sunshine.

Only a dream. I hear his voice. I'm not sad that none of it really happened. It's kind of a relief.

I walk to the edge of the roof and jump. I want to be back in the coma. Back in the dream.

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