Monday, August 13, 2012


My hands shake — the left one, especially. It's gotten worse since the stroke, and now my handwriting looks like glorified chicken scratches. OK, maybe not that good. And here it is, left-handers day. Happy happy, joy joy, southpaws.

Thanks to the time suck known as Pinterest, I've been doing a lot of reading on nail art. That has led to fanciful experiments with polish and tape — which in turn has helped me focus on fine motor skills.

Has it helped stop the shakes? Sort of. It's more of an excuse to stop biting my nails (polish isn't tasty), and to fixate on something other than the clouds and the metaphorical lack of sunshine.

Meh. It's life as I know it, August 2012. Last year at this time I was in Memphis, wondering how I got so lucky. This year, I'm grateful for being alive and not having the shakes. Goodness, but how the world has changed.

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