Wednesday, July 11, 2012


If you're going to use profanity, please — please — try to follow the basic rules of spelling and punctuation.

Here, with no editing, is a recent Facebook post from a friend:
you better shut ur nasty inbred ass up or il shut it for you bitch who i rub on is realy none of ur bussiness n i got ur whore bitch i dont fuck n tell a diffrent mother fucker every week that i love them nasty slut keep me n my girls name out ur fuckin mouth think u need to worry bout ur own fuckin life u love a girl one week a man another think ya better zip ur mouth bitch or il zip it for you! u are nasty as hell sory i got ur ex n she actualy wants me 4 keeps and never loved u so get over it ya inbred bitch u talk shit ul get hit bitch!
Ur spelling realy is ya bussiness but ul actualy get a diffrent reaction if you fuck n tell it better. Sory.


Anonymous said...

Rub on this BITCH!!

Jim said...

If this isn't from his 'The Aristocrats!' routine, I may add a riff on it to mine! Well, maybe after I figure out what the heck he was saying.

RON DAVIS said...

What SHE was saying, Jim. A chick wrote this delightful screed. Indeed, that's what she said.

Gay said...

Friend? Surely you jest.

It MAY be time to give up Facebook. I'm just sayin'