Saturday, July 07, 2012


"Is Welcome to the Rileys on Netflix?"

Type type type: "It is."

Usually you only need two words to describe a terrible movie: Kristen Stewart. But slap my face and call me Bella — Stewart is actually pretty good here.

Maybe it's because James Gandolfini co-stars, and he's a great anti-hero — a shambles of a man, utterly believable in Rileys.

There's also New Orleans, the best foreign country in the United States. Must go back there, and soon. Soon. Maybe an August sojourn there instead of Lollapalooza. New Orleans is sorta chilly in August, right?


Anonymous said...

RED I am disappoint!! No mention of NO SEX and NO NEKKID KRISTEN STEWART. FAIL. But Tony Soprano was great.

J G said...
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J G said...

She's also surprisingly good in "Panic Room." Perhaps because of David Fincher and Jodie Foster...