Friday, July 20, 2012


What to watch? It's Friday, the night beckons, and with it comes movies and the possibility of a pleasant surprise.

Perhaps a Redbox. Most certainly something on Netflix. I started some South Park last Friday; maybe it's time to reload that arch noise and laugh the evening away.

Or maybe I'll venture outside. The Princess Bride is the midnight flick at The Palace. Meh popcorn but a great film. It seems an appropriate flick to release the mind.

And must not forget: nail file. Cuticle pusher. Polish. They're long enough. Time to do something pinteresting. I've got all night.

This is the world. Not necessarily the one I expected to occupy. Certainly not one I wanted or needed. But I will not be greedy, boring or bitchy. Time for fun, for everyone.

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Anne Stepp said...

Ya, anything but Batman.