Saturday, June 02, 2012


Twenty-eight years after winning my first Missouri Broadcasters Association award (spot news at KYOO radio in Bolivar), I get to share in another first-place MBA — this one for Best Newscast for KSPR News at 4 p.m.

In between the black-and-white days and now, there have been a few accolades, and they've all been gratifying. The one given on Saturday night, however, is especially sweet because:

•It's one month since the stroke and the award helps ease the queasy feeling of what happened.

•The news came not long after I finished four miles on foot without a cane. Huzzah, indeed, on that front.

•I can now claim first-place honors in all three major media: radio, print and television. Take that, wanna-bes.

•I work with an insanely talented bunch of people, and it's our win.

Producing the 4 p.m. news is the highlight of my life right now. Are you kidding me? I get to stack an hourlong newscast and write words for Joe Daues and Leigh Moody. That's a pretty cool and fun thing to do, and even though I've been in news for a while, it still feels like a fresh experience.

The kid who won his first MBA at 23 apparently still has some pepper at 51 (and sorry, Ron Sylvester, but I will refrain from telling reporters, "I've got awards older than you."). Yeah, it's an ego boost. I really needed one. I'll take it.

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