Thursday, June 21, 2012


Well, this is somewhat awkward.

The goal of the monomyth is to find the holy grail, the ultimate boon being sought by the hero. He (or she) battles for it, (hopefully) wins and then must decide whether to return with the prize to the old ways of life — or stay in the new, enlightened world.

Armed with curious talismans containing uncertain magic and helped by a guide with a hesitant (and sometimes non-existent) voice, I've wandered through this new landscape and done battle with some dragons, both old and new. I've wrestled them to the ground. I've wondered what the hell I was looking for, and finally, the answer came to me in a curious dream.

Tonight someone wrote and asked: "Let's be honest. Aren't you talking about the girl?"

I wish the answer was that simple.

I wish the answer was yes.

But it's not.

Sorry, honey.

The boon from my dream is not a woman, not a man, not a person at all. Would that the answer be so literal — all I would have to do is go up to the person, ask for their hand and BAM, I've got my answer (and/or my prize).

I haven't told anyone what I'm seeking, and I won't until I get it — or until I do battle and lose, in which case there will probably be a news story. That's blunt and ugly and honest.

Here's another blunt truth: There is very little literal in this strange new world. Except for the walking. Time to do that now.

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