Friday, June 08, 2012


Updating this morning's post about a decision on a job offer: I've decided to stay. Barrow, Alaska, will have to live only in dreams, for now.

And speaking of dreams: the most marvelous nightscape was revealed to me overnight. I was back in Brazil, bickering with my travel companion in a bizarre role reversal.

She: "I thought we were going to the Pantanal today!"

Me: "C'mon. Let's stay in Rio for another day. Hit a good restaurant, go to a club. How about Zero Zero?"

She shakes her head, crosses her arms. "Don't change your mind on me."

Me: "You were right to say I was capricious."

We walked outside our hotel and suddenly we were in Memphis. We walked to Cockadoos for breakfast. The bacon was as delicious as I remembered. All was right with the world.

Just a dream.

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