Friday, June 01, 2012


The writer and educator J.C. Wilson posted a post-stroke suggestion on my Facebook page a couple weeks ago and I've been mulling it over ever since:
You are on your own heroic path -- the monomyth. The question is, which stage? Was the stroke the passage through the abyss (death and rebirth) or was it simply your call to action? Have you found your supernatural helper, your mentor? If you follow the monomyth, you find at the end a gift from the goddess, that which you seek.
Your life, my friend, is literature alive. It is a story. Perhaps your muse comes at the end of this particular journey. Perhaps it's found in the little tidbits you write now. Perhaps I'm a babbling idiot.
J.C. Wilson is definitely not an idiot. And he has given me much to think about.

This part of life feels very much like a call to action, the Hero with a Thousand Faces narrative. I am entering this zone unknown armed with very little, and encountering challenges that are increasingly difficult to surmount. And the boon I'm supposed to seek remains unknown — but I am early in my journey, a newcomer to this strange land.

What will I do when I find the boon? What terrors will I have to conquer to attain it? And once (if) attained, will I choose to return to the normal world, or will the allure of this new world keep me here? The notion of winning the prize and being master of two worlds feeds the ego, but those things are so distant I cannot embrace them just yet.

The road of trials is the one I'm on now, and first I have to pass the tests and kill the dragons. I have to resist the temptations that have already caused me to contemplate giving up.

I must trust in the power my helper has given me. Armed with that quiet but determined voice of inner calm, I step forward on this unfamiliar road.

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