Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Wellness screening is over, and I guess eating the late-night meal and guzzling some wine was not especially bad.

Last year's total cholesterol: 260+, so I cut out red meat and bacon. And a bunch of other fun shit.

This year's total cholesterol: 178. HDL cholesterol: 44. Fasting triglycerides: 111. OK, the "bad" cholesterol is 112 — a nick above "normal" — but the form warns that "if you have eaten within 12 hours before taking this test, your value may fall outside the guidelines."

But I weigh too much, about 10 pounds more than I expected. Must do something about this immediately. So after dinner tonight, a long walk. Maybe even longer than long. I have something to figure out, and if I can't go to the source, I'll do the next best thing. Talismans, do your stuff.

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