Friday, June 29, 2012


"So, what are you doing tonight?" asked Barbie from the Paragraph Factory.

"I'm going to hole up in my apartment and watch movies all night," I replied. Sorry, but karaoke at the Cubby does not sound up my alley tonight. Maybe next lifetime.

With a variance or two still possible, here's the playlist for the Stroke Eve event at Casa del Gato y Ching√≥n:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Fabulous film.

Lost in Translation. Saw it last weekend, cried for a while.

Groundhog Day. What's not to like about this Bill Murray film? The goofy guy gets the girl in the end. Yeah, I know: it's a movie.

Ghostbusters. So maybe it's a Murray sort of night.

Still looking for a copy of Stay to watch on the laptop. Ditto for Howl's Moving Castle. Damn you, Netflix, for not making them available via streaming.

Update 8 a.m. Saturday: I wound up watching some Groundhog Day, some Airplane!, a little Eternal Sunshine — and The Exorcist, followed by a little Wallace & Gromit.

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