Sunday, May 27, 2012


Leave it to Natalie Nunn to give me a goal: Brazil for the Olympics.

(It's kind of an inside joke with the Nunner. When I started work at the Paragraph Factory in 2007, she trained me on how to become a news producer. Since then she's been the go-to gal for advice, both personal and professional, even though anyone acquainted with Natalie and me realizes how crazy that sounds — hence the inside joke. But Nunner's been a solid. I've been lucky to know her.)

I had planned to journey to Brazil this month, but life happened between the thrilling idea and the trip; in the words of the poet / philosopher Jackson Browne, things changed as I was following through with my beautiful plans. Those dreams are dead, but I'm alive — goddammit — and Brazil still tugs at me and Natalie knows that.

"You could go for 2016," Nunn said. "The Olympics are in Rio." And simple as that, another plan was born. I have no desire to hang out in Rio, but at least there's a definite reason to be there, an irresistible pageantry. And despite what some may hope for, I am in this for the long term. I'll be 55, and perhaps by then the planets will be back in their orbits and gravity will work the way it's supposed to. If not, I'll watch those lights alone. But I'll still carry that laughter in my head.


Frank and Natalie said...

You will be running around the streets of Rio in '16. Maybe I will ditch the kids and meet you there! They will be 4 & 6, totally self-sufficiant.

By the way, Ron. It has been a joy working with you for the past 5 years. A joy!

Kathee Baird said...

Go on ahead and throw some seeds of your own. Love JB! He's my real boyfriend...after you, of course!